We manufacture TOPEVA ™ ULTRAFAST CURE SOLAR EVA FILM (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Co-Polymer Sheet), which is produced under smart manufacturing excellence, rigorous production supervisory process and highly controlled process parameters as per international standards – Internationally certified by UL.

TOPEVA ™ is provided in a rolled film, duly vacuum sealed in protective bag and packed in corrugated box, strapped on wooden pallets and ready to use in thermal lamination process.

TopEVA ™ Characteristics

Leading global supplier of Ultra fast cure solar EVA films

Internationally certified by UL.

Produced using our proprietary formulation & advanced technology.

Ultra high-gel content

Very low shrinkage

Strong adhesion to glass and back-sheet

Highest light transmission

Outstanding UV yellowing resistance

Excellent heat aging resistance


TOPEVA ™ UFC200FB is widely accepted and suitable for all crystalline silicon photo-voltaic module constructions and many thin film photo-voltaic designs.

UFC200FB is commonly used on back and front sides in the solar photo-voltaic

UFC200FB Datasheet


TOPEVA ™ UFC100F has been designed for applications in any crystalline silicon photo-voltaic module construction and for many thin film photo-voltaic designs.

UFC100F is UV Transparent EVA and is majorly used on front side of the solar photo-voltaic panels.

UFC100F Datasheet