Are you passionate for your career?

One thing we are very sure of: passionate, innovative and highly motivated employees are the foundation of our success.

At Lucent, People are the most valuable assets and we continuously improve our processes to give our employees challenging, exciting and competitive opportunities. We are professionally managed company and committed to become the fastest growing solar brand in the world.

» Learning  

Lucent has a culture of learning at each and every level. Employees enjoy working with dynamic and passionate team.


» Friendly culture  

Management is open to support employees in developing break through innovations and ideas, in their work, in their personal life or anything that help our employees grow.


» Personal & professional Growth  

Lucent is professionally managed integrated renewable company. Personal and professional growth is enormous at Lucent. Employees work smartly, ethically and professionally. At Lucent, "Do it now" approach, self-discipline and trust, dedication, transparency and ethics helps employees grow exponentially.


» Performance appraisal  

Performance is measured through the well-defined process and employees are free to choose their own goals.


» Corporate social responsibility  

Lucent is formed with the noble cause of making this world a better place to live and change the way billions of people are powered worldwide. As a responsible employee, you are a part of this DREAM.

If you are a passionate, committed, focused and smart champ who wishes to work with us then send an email at:
(Thanks for your interest in working with us!)

Tea With The CEO.

This initiative allows the management to interact directly with all employees and it allows management to understand employee's ideas, their feedback and other issues. It establishes the direct communication, between the management and all employees, which is core culture at Lucent.

Comming Soon!