SMART Manufacting

At Lucent, we are fully committed to our purpose - to make solar energy more affordable and accessible across the globe.

We have installed the world's most advanced and customized technology from Europe. Our fully automated line produces the high quality EVA film and it gets tested in our lab for quality check. We are using the best in class raw materials, optimized process, SMART manufacturing process, stringent quality control and best after sales service to make our film world class yet economical.

To further reduce our cost, we are expanding our footprint to set up local supply chain in the major markets across Asia, Middle East, Europe, US and Africa.

We follow our "SMART" manufacturing process:

» State of the art: Our manufacturing facility is the state of the art with highly advanced technology, developed by the world leader company, based on our specific customized requirements.

» Manufacturing excellence: We have the cohort team of experts, consultants, national and international institutions to achieve the greater manufacturing excellence in terms of quality, process, product type, supply chain and after sales support to customers.

» Adjustable to customer needs: We are fully committed to provide the best and customized solutions to each customer based on their specific product as well as market requirements. We adjust our manufacturing process to satisfy customer's needs.

» Redefining the industry: At Lucent, we are redefining the industry! We want to make solar energy affordable and accessible worldwide and reach to the millions of people who do not have the electricity. Our manufacturing is aligned to this mission i.e. to provide the best quality product at competitive rates to solar module manufacturers worldwide.

» Technological innovation: At Lucent, Innovation is the key to success. Our manufacturing and technical expertise will allow us to innovate which will again satisfy the above manufacturing aspects.


Lucent is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.

To strictly ensure that every product passing through our factory to our customers is of the highest quality, we have an advanced team of quality supervision officers that pay very special attention to quality control through the manufacturing and inspection process.

We offer the best quality EVA film using:

» Highly optimized process and technology
» Advanced product testing facility integrated with our manufacturing
» Best in class raw materials available from the reputed suppliers
» Stringent quality control parameters and
» Environment friendly, people friendly and customer friendly mindset

Research & Development

Lucent's research and development efforts are focused on introducing new advanced grades, optimizing the performance of our existing EVA film and improving their life time.

Our world-class research department of scientists, PhD's and researchers, and partnerships with leading academic universities, drive this innovation.

Our team works closely with in-house manufacturing to improve each stage of EVA film manufacturing process. We are constantly seeking ways to reduce our environmental impact through product packaging and manufacturing efficiency solutions.

Our state of the art R & D lab is equipped with the best instruments from world class suppliers and is ISO certified.